Sarcoma Centres

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Sarcomas are rare. It is therefore very important to find physicians who have experience with this disease. These are the criteria a sarcoma centre should fulfill:

  • A multidisciplinary sarcoma medical team consisting of all specialties including surgical (orthopaedic, general, reconstructive), medical oncologists, radiation oncologists (radiotherapy), diagnostic radiologists, pathologists, oncology nurses and rehabilitation services.
  • Access to thoracic surgical specialists (to treat lung metastases), intervention radiology (e.g. RFA), and genomic testing. Referral networks giving patients access to ILP (isolated limb perfusion) and proton beam therapy.
  • At least one group member who belongs to a sarcoma-oriented medical organization, such as the Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS).
  • Sarcoma conferences (e.g. Tumor Board), where sarcoma group members meet regularly to discuss patient care issues.
  • At least 50 sarcoma patients seen per year.
  • MRI imaging available; PET scans desired.
  • Patient enrollment in clinical trials.


  • Publications concerning sarcoma in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Strong support personnel such as social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Sarcoma support group desired.


Please contact your national sarcoma patient organization for information about sarcoma centers in your country.