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Contact Information

Bone Cancer Research Trust
Suite 7
Gledhow Mount Mansion
Roxholme Grove

Tel. +44 (0)113 262 1852

Fax +44 (0)113 262 5391

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Organisation Profile

Our Vision: 'We want a world where lives are no longer limited by primary bone cancer'

Our aim is to improve outcomes for people with primary bone cancer through Research, Awareness, Information and Support.

How BCRT began:

  • Back in 2004 there was practically no funding for research and little awareness, information or support specifically for primary bone cancer.
  • A group of bereaved parents of young bone cancer sufferers, came together and registered the charity in 2006 under the guidance of Professor Ian Lewis, Consultant Paediatrician and Adolescent Oncologist at St. James's University Hospital, Leeds.
  • The families pooled money they had already raised, totalling £176,000, to start the charity and fund the first pieces of research.

What BCRT does:


  • Working to find ways of improving the outcomes of this devastating cancer which mostly affects children, teenagers and young people was the priority and still is the essential role of the charity.
  • When potential researchers apply for funding, they submit their applications to BCRT's Scientific Advisory Panel where their proposals are peer reviewed by eminent scientific and medical professionals.
  • The charity's trustees then receive their recommendations and approve the funding.

Raising Awareness

  • Through the website and contact with the main cancer centres, more patients, families and professionals began to discover BCRT and became involved.
  • Raising awareness of this rare cancer and of the existence of BCRT through leaflets and newsletters; the website; the media; holding an annual Awareness Week; also the annual Conference are all extremely important.
  • On-going fundraising to be able to increase the number of research projects and to run the charity effectively is vital.


  • BCRT is striving to become the recognised, reliable source of information on bone cancers, in particular osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma.
  • Much user-friendly detail can already be found in other areas of this website and this will be increased.
  • You can submit your own questions and receive replies (but individual cases cannot be dealt with specifically).


  • Being able to talk about similar experiences with others can be a great help.
  • Support can be given by BCRT's team of Support Givers who can also set up links between individuals and families.
  • Providing practical information for patients and families on many day-to-day aspects of living with bone cancer is beginning to be developed.
  • BCRT does not offer counselling but can help with the search for this if required.
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